Towards The Environment.

We want nature wild and protected, just like our dogs. Using coffee wood for our natural chewing sticks means we don’t have to uproot or cut down trees just for our purposes. Coffee wood is a natural byproduct of coffee production. And because we stand against mass production of plastics, we don’t use any artificial ingredients in our chew sticks or our packaging. Our 100% natural chewing sticks ensure responsible consumption: trees are protected, our products are vegan, and we are against factory farming.

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In a world that is always changing and becomes faster and faster, we want to give our dogs what they need: safety, calm, and the feeling of being understood. We feel responsible that our dog’s characteristics must keep up with the busy way we live nowadays. That’s why CANOPHERA sticks help dogs relieve stress naturally as they
chew. We also feel responsible for what we give to our dogs. So we made sure our natural chewing sticks are suitable for every kind of dog – no matter the size, if they are overweight or have allergies. CANOPHERA is made from 100 % coffee wood, is free from sugar, caffeine, animal traces, artificial ingredients, and additives.

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Towards Our Dogs.

In a world that is constantly changing, we want to give our dogs what they need: safety, the ability to relieve stress, and the feeling of being understood. It is our mission to provide our loyal companions with products that bring calm and pleasure back into their everyday lives, while meeting their natural desire to chew. That is why we created CANOPHERA natural chewing sticks. They are suitable for every dog – no matter the breed, size, or health concerns (like being overweight or having allergies). CANOPHERA is made from 100% coffee wood, is free from sugar, caffeine, animal byproducts, artificial ingredients, and additives.

Towards everyone We Work With.

Treat everyone as you want to be treated – that is a value we live by. We feel responsible for every single human being that works with us, so we ensure safe working conditions as well as above-average pay. The German standards we apply to the production of our sticks include further training for small-scale coffee farmers. We love to grow together, and we make sure that the high-quality standards that are met daily are rewarded.
To guarantee our social impact and the conditions under which our employees, partners, and suppliers work are met in the long-term, we had our CANOPHERA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS certified with the SA 8000 label. This proves that we continuously and dynamically improve our social responsibility, and ensures that we remain an innovative company.