Because it's what a dog needs.

Cars honking, people shouting, lights blinking, and crowds shoving – our dogs are exposed to countless uncontrollable stimuli when they are out and about with us. This environment is not meant for them. They get stressed quickly, but that can be hard to recognize. As their owners, we can look for certain warning signs: frequent panting, hyperactivity, excessive reactivity, overreaction, yawning, shaking, impatience, whining, and excessive grooming. These reactions can also occur when a dog feels underchallenged or is left alone at home. To remedy those situations, natural chew sticks provide dogs with instant stress relief.

a natural way to reliEve stress.

It is important to always have something dogs can chew on readily available, especially when we know that he or she will be exposed to stressful situations. In the long-term, chewing on natural sticks means our dog’s physical health is improved, since constant stress can cause a weakened immune system.